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Natural bamboo
Champagne bamboo
Coffee Bamboo
Beechwood bamboo arrowsun
Driftwood bamboo arrowsun
Firestreak bamboo arrowsun
Ghost gum bamboo arrowsun
Ghost Gum
iron grey bamboo arrowsun
Iron Grey
Lavender grey bamboo arrowsun
Lavender Grey
Licorice bamboo arrowsun
Merlot Bamboo Arrowsun
Natures Trail bamboo arrowsun
Natures trail
Ochre sands bamboo arrowsun
Ochre sands
Sandhurst bamboo arrowsun
Silver Ash bamboo Arrowsun
Silver Ash
Stonewood bamboo arrowsun
Straw bamboo arrowsun
Tea tree bamboo arrowsun
Whisky bamboo arrowsun
White haven bamboo arrowsun
White Haven

antique bronze embelton
Antique Bronze
beach house embelton
Beach house
Bondi embelton
Daintree bamboo embelton
kakadu bamboo embelton
Kimberley bamboo embelton
Nullabor bamboo embelton
Pilbara bamboo embelton
Snow limed bamboo embelton
Snow Limed
Uluru bamboo Embelton

We have a full range of accessories to complete the installation
Stairnosing Bamboo


Expansion trim bamboo
End cap threshold bamboo

About our sustainable wood flooring solutions

Bamboo isn't just an 'alternative' to regular hardwood floors, it offers several technical and design benefits over and above the average timber floors from Melbourne suppliers. Aside from being an exponentially faster growing plant, making it both more affordable and more environmentally friendly, bamboo is durable, weather resistant (against humidity and other conditions which can warp wood floors), and takes well to a variety of coatings & finishes. It is often chosen over oak floors in Melbourne homes for its versatility and affordability- as little as half the price of oak.

Bamboo Flooring is more than 50% harder than traditional timber flooring (Janka scale) making it suitable for commercial as well as domestic applications

Bamboo Flooring Solutions also supply commercial flooring to Melbourne, Geelong, Tasmania and Australia wide  businesses in need of a stylish and practical floor finish. The outstanding manufacturer's warranty (10 year structural, 5 year coating) on our floorboards makes it a reliable investment in any business premises.

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Products and Pricing

Our Bamboo Flooring is available in a wide range of colours 
We import directly and we also resell the Arrowsun and Embelton brands.

All flooring comes in 1850mm lengths, 135mm or 125mm wide and 14mm thick.

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We have all the accessories to complete the installation 

Underlay from $3.00/m2

Sikabond adhesive (16kg pail) 

Threshold 1830mm $35/length

T-Moulding 1830mm $35/length

Reducer 1830mm  $35/length

Stair nose 1830mm  $60.00/length

Stair tread 1220x300x25mm      $60 each

Stair riser 1220x190x15mm        $40 each

1/4 round trim 1830mm $14.50/length

Skirting 1830mm $12/length

C-channel 3300mm $35 each

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