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Stunning dark brown floor on the Mornington Peninsula

By bamboofl, Mar 26 2015 12:21AM
A  designer house on the Mt Martha clifftops. The owners were very particular with their colour schemes and were delighted when we installed this absolutely stunning floor and staircase for them. Upstairs and downstairs. The effort was truly worth it. 
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Bamboo Flooring: Natural, Coffee, Dark Brown, BrushedBlack

By bamboofl, Mar 26 2015 12:14AM
Display of some colours at our factory. From the left - Natural, Coffee, Dark Brown, Brushed Black.  We are open by appointment only. Let us know when you want to meet.
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Coffee flooring in Restaurant

By bamboofl, Mar 25 2015 11:58PM
Mythos House restaurant - lots of foot traffic. Bamboo flooring is a great hard wearing solution. Harder than most hardwoods . Owners love it. Been down 2 years. Still lookng great. 
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Coffee bamboo floor in

Freshwater Place apartment.

Wow !

By bamboofl, Mar 25 2015 9:51PM
Just installed a bamboo floor in coffee in an apartment at Freshwater Place, Melbourne. Plenty of light coming in, great views. Sets it off beautifully. Looks fantastic !

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