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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer installation ?
A. Yes . We have installers available and can arrange a quote from an installer in your local area. 

Q. How do I know what quantity I need ?
A.  You need to measure the length and breadth of the room to determine square metres. In addition a further 5% - 7% allowance for wastage must be factored in. This will ensure that each board can be offset to create a random join pattern for that perfect look.
We can arrange a free measure and quote for Melbourne locations and can provide guidance in other cases. Please call us if you need assistance.

Q. Do I need to sand and apply a finish to the floor. 
A: No, the bamboo flooring is pre-finished in 8 coats applied by the Treffert method. Once your flooring is installed it is ready for use. 

Q. What accessories do I need ?
A. There are a number of accessories available to ensure that your new bamboo floor seamlessly joins with any existing flooring. In addition you may choose either a bamboo skirting or bamboo quad where the floor meets the walls. Contact us to discuss options.

Q. What regular maintenance do I need to do ?
A: Your new floor is easy to maintain. A regular sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and grit plus using a soft damp mop will retain that new look. Any spills need to be soaked up immediately and protective mats (do not use rubber based mats) at external entrances will assist in reducing dirt and grit getting on your floor. Do not use chemicals or soap, wax or oil on your floor. Never slide or drag furniture or heavy or sharp objects across the floor as this may damage the surface. 

Q. What if my floor gets scratched or damaged ?
A: The floor is extremely hard wearing, rated above traditional hardwood flooring, however should it get scratched it is easy to repair. A repair kit is available or should severe damage occur then replacement boards are available.  Contact us for more information.

Q. What warranty is offered ?
A: The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser our Bamboo Flooring in the original manufactured state free from structural defects (Structural Warranty) for 25 years in residential applications and 10 years for commercial uses. In addition the manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser that the wear layer (Coating Warranty) of aluminium oxide will not peel or separate from the flooring plank in residential applications for 10 years for residential applications and 5 years for commercial uses. Conditions apply.

Call or email us so we can directly respond to your query.

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